Välkommen till pressavdelningen! Här fyller jag på kontinuerligt med länkar till intressanta intervjuer och recensioner. De flesta av dem är på engelska. Har du några på lager som inte redan är listade nedan eller om du upptäcker döda länkar, så maila gärna mig. Trevlig läsning.


Datum Titel Källa Land
2012-06-05 Intervju med Turid och Marianne Sounds XP [UK]
2012-05-29 Intervju med Solveig och Anne Marit Louder Than War [UK]
2012-05-12 Intressant intervju i samband med nya albumet MTTM [UK]
2012-05 ”Norway’s Hottest Band: Katzenjammer” New Adventures In Hi-Fi [UK]
2011-09-15 Om turnélivet, låtarna och musik allmänt Cougar Microbes [UK]


”A Kiss Before You Go” (Spend Matters, 2012-05-26) Storbritannien

We raved over Katzenjammer live; four multi-talented, multi–instrumental women from Norway, providing one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been to in years. A Kiss Before You Go is their second album, but the first to be promoted widely. Does it live up to the live performance?

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”A Kiss Before You Go” (BBC Music, 2012-05-21) Storbritannien

The set-up for Katzenjammer is this: they’re an all-girl four-piece from Norway who met at music school in 2005 and who play (and swap) some 15 instruments between them, including a giant balalaika – a three-stringed, triangle-shaped Russian instrument that can be as tall as a man.

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”A Kiss Before You Go” (RoomThirteen, 2012-05-19) Storbritannien

Since the release of Le Pop back in 2010, Norwegian based all-female quartet Katzenjammer have been touring and preparing for album number two, A Kiss Before You Go.

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”A Kiss Before You Go” (Louder Than War, 2012-05-14) Storbritannien

Norway’s 4-piece all-girl extravaganza Katzenjammer have broken the sound barrier and melted hearts in the UK with their recent tour and new album ‘A Kiss before You Go’. Below Elisabeth Robson reviews the album for us.

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”A Kiss Before You Go” (Female First, 2012-05-11) Storbritannien

Katzenjammer are back this week with their second album a Kiss Before You Go, which comes hot of the heels of Le Pop.

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”A Kiss Before You Go” (The Independent, 2012-05-06) Storbritannien

The press notes describe this baroque, Scandi girl band as purveyors of ”fairground burlesque” and, accordingly, this first UK release is an aural Waltzer, exhilarating and nauseous.

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”Le Pop” (PopMatters, 2010-07-16) USA

Le Pop is not a new album. As a matter of fact, it has already been reviewed here at PopMatters in a manner that I fully and completely agree with.

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”Le Pop” (The Washington Post, 2010-07-09) USA

On paper, Katzenjammer sounds like a hot mess. The four Norwegian women trade off lead vocal duties and instruments on nearly every song on their debut album, ”Le Pop.” And they aren’t using standard rock instruments either. The tunes feature contrabass balalaika, domra, accordion and harpeleik, among many others.

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”Le Pop” (, 2010-06-07) USA

Like snow in July or Holland’s upset over Brazil, Le Pop, the debut album from Norwegian quartet Katzenjammer is a welcoming and unexpected surprise. Wading in the waters of vaudevillian chamber pop, gypsy folk and Euro-country, Le Pop is an auspicious and charismatic collection of 12 left-of-center folk gems. After an amiable overture, the disc kick starts with the raucous ”A Bar in Amsterdam,” a free-wheeling and spirited romp through Dutch bacchanalia.

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”Le Pop” (Sydsvenskan, 2009-06-18) Sverige

Humor, ironi och intelligens binder samman norska Katzenjammers Le Pop, anser Sydsvenskans recensent.

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”Le Pop” (PopMatters, 2009-01-13) USA

So lively are the live performances by Oslo, Norway’s Katzenjammer that they’re enough to wipe the bored expression off any jaded indie scenester and replace it with a big, stupid grin. Of course, that’ll happen when you’ve got four exceptionally talented female multi-instrumentalists performing an odd, hyperactive hybrid of folk, country, cabaret, and rock loaded with gorgeous four-part harmonies, the quartet maniacally alternating lead vocals and swapping instruments, including accordion and a gigantic contrabass balalaika, in between songs. They can bring a house down with a rousing set, they’re able to avoid sounding like a novelty act by offsetting their eclectic nature with a real sense of authenticity in whatever musical style they perform, and their musical chops are undeniable. But the one question that can dog any exceptional live act is, can they translate that contagious energy onto an album?

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”Le Pop” (Skivkoll, 2008-11-23) Sverige

Liksom många andra lägger jag ner en massa tid på att surfa runt på nätet. Vid ett av dessa surftillfällen råkade jag se ett klipp med ett gäng tjejer som drog av en riktig rökare. Ståendes i en båt. Klippet jag pratar om finns nedan.

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Hultsfredsfestivalen (Mö, 2012-06-17) Sverige

Jag trodde att jag skulle få se ett gäng norskor spela bra musik.

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XOYO, London (The Guardian, 2012-05-24) Storbritannien

Stage right, a 50s biker chick thunks a contrabass balalaika etched with the face of a winking Cheshire cat – a gigantic triangular plough of an instrument that looks like someone’s put three strings on a stingray. Stage left, a Parisian flapper plays xylophone, harmonica and accordion all at once. At the back, a glamorous marathon runner juggles drum duties with bashing trashcans and carillon bells and, up front, a woman resembling Britney Spears’s mum strums a furious Charleston on the banjo. This is Katzenjammer from Oslo, four multi-instrumentalist women with a cartoon aesthetic, a burlesque bravado and a name that’s German for ”hangover”, though the only headache they induce is from their head-spinning cavort through the retro stylebook.

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Manchester Academy 3 (Manchester Scenewipe, 2012-05-18) Storbritannien

Katzenjammer – the all-girl Norwegian four-piece who play thirteen instruments and who rip up the rule book good and proper with their boundary defying sound.

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